What is Snowbiking?

Although Europeans have been enjoying this sport for many years, Snowbiking is a new sport in the U.S.  

A Snowbike® is a bike with skis instead of wheels.  Today's Snowbike® is a highly engineered piece of equipment.  They are designed and built specifically for snow riding.  The Snowbike® is very easy to learn.  Whether you are an accomplished skier or boarder, or have never been to a ski resort before, you can quickly learn to ride with confidence.


Who is Snowbiking for?

If you can ride a bike, you can Snowbike®!
Snowbikes are perfect for lots of people.
The "left out" family member - You know, the one who waits in the lodge while the rest of the family shreds the mountain. Now you can join in and keep up.  C'mon... spend your day with them, not waiting for them!

The vacationing skier - You want to spend everyday of your trip on the mountain. But after several days of hard skiing, your legs are tired. Well... ski sitting down for a day! Don't risk injury pushing yourself on tired legs. You don't really get the most out of that third or fourth day, but you can on a Snowbike®!

People with bad leg joints - If your knees don't work like they used to, you can still get on the slopes with your friends and family. Snowbikes put much less strain on knee, ankle, and hip joints than skiing or snowboarding.

First-timers - Learn to Snowbike®, then apply the skills to skiing or snowboarding.  Or just be a Snowbiker!

Skiers and Snowboarders who want to try something new - We promise you will have fun!

Snowbikers - Snowbikers? Yes, we have several customers that don't ski or snowboard.  They don't care if they ever do.  They have found their snowsport.  They are Snowbikers!


Colorado has over 10 resorts with Snowbikers enjoying their slopes. 


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Certain professionals may qualify to ride for free. Contact us for details.